Enhancing the Quality of Expository Text Instruction & Comprehension
Through Content and Case-Situated Professional Development


The study is being conducted to:


Goal and Objective: Build a model of professional development jointly constructed from scientifically based practices, technology-based implementation resources to support case-situated examples, and communities of learners to assist teachers as they develop knowledge and expertise requisite for content-area comprehension.

Translated Goal: To construct professional development processes that enable teachers to more effectively use instructional strategies to teach informational text comprehension that can be generalized and incorporated into social studies instruction, and results in enhanced student comprehension of informational text.



The 3-year, multi-site study will include a development and pilot phase, an initial experimental study to test and refine the CCS professional development model, and a final study to examine the model’s efficacy and feasibility. By examining the linkages between content, curriculum, practice and professional development, this research will result in empirical evidence on how these elements work together to improve the quality of teachers’ instruction and students’ reading comprehension in the area of social studies.  






Research Focus: